Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bankruptcy Review: YIKES !!!

Bankruptcy news abound today:

Filing - Charter Communications: majority owner is Paul Allen of Microsoft fame

Filing - Midway Games: famous for Mortal Kombat

Rumor - Sirius XM Satellite Radio considering filing: home of Howard Stern & Oprah

Update - Lyondell CDS/LCDS results from last week: 15.5 cents & 20.75 cents respectively (Lyondell debt is only worth 15.5 cents on the dollar or 20.75 cents on the dollar, depending on the type of borrowing)

There are 2 charts above, please click to expand.


MK said...

I was a little quick on the draw. Charter has not officially filed yet, but they have released a statement indicating that a filing is imminent.

MK said...

In addition, it looks increasingly likely that a Trump entity will declare bankruptcy for the 4th time.