Thursday, February 26, 2009

Debt of the General Fund

Our nation's debt is piling on quickly. Since our economy is essentially based on debt and front loading consumption, the debt deflation that I believe we are experiencing is causing a significant economic contraction. The growth rate of our economy and the corresponding expansion of the money supply was fostered by securitization and moral hazard. The solution that the Federal Government is offering to us is to replace the destroyed debt with new, Government debt. Great, but this is debt that the taxpayers will have to carry anyway. It is not a solution. Take a look at what fiscal 2009 is shaping up like:

I am estimating that total Treasury securities outstanding will close in on $12 trillion by September, 2009. Using a guess of 2% GDP growth, the debt to GDP ratio of the U.S. will jump to over 78.2%. For each dollar of debt added, GDP will climb only 19 cents.

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