Sunday, May 10, 2009

Auto Related TARP Transactions

General Motors Corp. $16,284,024,131
GMAC LLC $5,000,000,000
Chrysler Holding LLC $4,780,130,642
Chrysler LLC $3,034,000,000
Chrysler Financial Services Americas LLC $1,500,000,000
Total $30,598,154,773

Please remember that GMAC LLC is a bank holding company. They were instructed to raise $11.5 billion based on the stress test. GMAC LLC is not a public company and is highly leveraged as a result of a private equity acquisition. Would you like to guess where they will get the additional capital?

GM is not far behind Chrysler in going under. Prepare to kiss $42 billion good-bye.

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MK said...

I neglected to include the following:

$3.5 billion GM Supplier Receivables LLC

$1.5 billion Chrysler Receivables SPV LLC

This brings the total to $35,598,154,773.00