Monday, May 4, 2009

Items of Note This Week

Wednesday, 8:15 AM: ADP Employment Report____Consensus -643,000

Thursday, 8:30AM: Initial Jobless Claims________Consensus 620,000

Friday, 8:30AM: Non-Farm Payroll____________Consensus -620,000

Friday, 8:30 AM: Unemployment Rate__________Consensus 8.9%


- Thursday: Release of Bank Stress Test Findings

- BankUnited: Possibly an end to the saga, will it find a buyer or will it be shut down?

- Corus Bank: Condo lender, teetering on the brink, will it be closed?

- Over the last week or so: Bonds down, stocks up, oil up..........end of the deflation trade? How close are we to an inflationary problem?

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