Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at The Fed....

From the Federal Reserve statistical release H.4.1 (5/21/09):

  • Leverage
    • The Federal Reserve System holds $49.84 in assets for each dollar of capital

  • Securities Holdings
    • Holdings of U.S. Treasury Debt have decreased by $80.4 billion in 1 year
    • Holdings of GSE debt have increased by $76.7 billion in 1 year
    • Holdings of GSE /Agency MBS have increased by $431.5 billion in year

  • Liquidity Programs
    • Term Auction Credit totaled $428.8 billion
    • Commercial Paper Funding Facility totaled $157.1 billion
    • Other Loans totaled $126.3 billion (of which $45.7 billion is their loan to AIG)

  • Non Recourse, Secured Loans
    • Maiden Lane LLC: $25.7 billion
    • Maiden Lane LLC II: $16.2 billion
    • Maiden Lane LLC III: $20.4 billion

On the liability front: deposits from depository institutions (The Fed’s liability) totaled $955.2 billion, a $927.5 billion increase from a year ago. These deposits account for 72.4% of the growth on the liability side of the Fed's balance sheet.

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